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The Aussie Runner Podcast covers the Australian running scene via trail, road and track. If you love running as much as we do, then join us on your next run as we talk to real Aussie runners and learn about all the things that make running great. Presented by Damon Roberts & Jeremy Francis.

Jul 29, 2022

Damo & Jez ask … what is the 440? … take 1 former iron man bronze medalist, 1 former rugby player, a solution borne out of the depths of Trent & Todd’s dark periods of life & you have something very special … something that is now a global running movement but started out when a troubled man looking for some answers decided to get up early & run up a hill in the dark with his mates … listen to how this simple idea has helped hundreds of people, how it all started, how these stellar Aussie legends grew their mateship & how the boys can help you nail your next city to surf.