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The Aussie Runner Podcast covers the Australian running scene via trail, road and track. If you love running as much as we do, then join us on your next run as we talk to real Aussie runners and learn about all the things that make running great. Presented by Damon Roberts & Jeremy Francis.

Jan 14, 2023

It’s not often you hear someone unpack how they went from back-of-the-pack to podium athlete, a truly fascinating insight for runners of all distances ... hear Geoff & Neil discover an emotional love story starring the premier invite only 240km Coast to Kosciuszko (c2k) ultramarathon & its 2022 winner, athlete, fireman, passionate husband & Dad, Rob Mason.

A story 12 long years in the making, 6 c2k finishes later, 12 hours off his first attempt of nearly 40 hrs & ultimately sowing the seed that led to an ‘all in’ declaration in 2022 to not just take part, but to win.  

Find out what the ‘all in’ approach actually involved, what he learnt from previous winners, why he employed a mindset coach, how to turn your support crew into professionals & exactly which 3 questions he asks himself hundreds of times mid-race.