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The Aussie Runner Podcast covers the Australian running scene via trail, road and track. If you love running as much as we do, then join us on your next run as we talk to real Aussie runners and learn about all the things that make running great. Presented by Damon Roberts & Jeremy Francis.

Sep 19, 2018

Where did the nickname Buzz originate? ... What is Run Nation? ... Can you sing? Yes, sing for us? ... Why do you run? ...

Damo and Jez interview Running community influencer Keith ‘Buzz’ Hong. Many of you will know Buzz from Strava but we bet most of you didn’t know the passion with which Keith drives our community forward.

The lads conduct a brilliant interview with Buzz about where his running journey started, race directing, managing 3862 volunteers (in 1 event) through to his next big (personal) running goal in Tokyo.

Download, listen and learn an entirely new respect for race organisation.

In this episode the ARP team also gets back together with Adam from Evoker physio & 24hr treadmill world record holder Luca Turrini to try out the Alter G zero gravity treadmill ... warning, it involves sweaty rubber pants :-/